Postersession 31 aug 12.45-13.30


Jakub Olczak Using radiologists reports for training artificial intelligence on interpreting orthopaedic radiographs
Khadijah Rosén Long term follow-up of surgically treated unilateral clubfeet with three dimensional gait analysis(ST-projekt)
Anna-Lena Wetterteg Four-point scale of the Thompson test is reliable, valid and shows increasing normalization during early rehabilitation after Achilles tendon rupture
Jon Tjörnstrand Poor outcome after a surgically treated chondral injury on the medial femoral condyle – early evaluation with dGEMRIC and 16 year radiographic and clinical follow-up
Lina Åkesson 10 years of not planned removal of TEN (ST-projekt)
Åsa Eiriksdottir A new finger preserving procedure as an alternative to amputation in recurrent severe Dupuytren’s contracture
Johannes Svegard Plaster casting compared to elastic bandage following carpal tunnel release – a randomized control study
Nicole Welvaart No detection of Chlamydophila pneumoniae in synovia from osteoarthritis patients
Ellen Harbom Evaluation of subacute ultrasound (UL) examination performed by physiotherapist for diagnosis of rotator cuff injury. A comparison with MRI.
Bakir Kadum Lateral humeral offset lengthening after total shoulder arthroplasty: where is the problem – glenoid or humeral component positioning
Bakir Kadum Association of lateral humeral offset with functional outcome and geometric restoration in stemless total shoulder arthroplasty